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Specializing in "Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Probate, Specially Drug Cases, Landlord Tenant Law and Impaired Professional Defense"




Practicing criminal defense on all levels for 20 years. Specializing in Drug related cases, fugitive and violent related cases, including criminal defense appeals, and sealing & expunging records.


Bankruptcy attorney for over 22 years in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Specializing in Chapter 7 & 13. I have represented debtors and creditors in all levels including bankruptcy appellate work.


Being a pharmacist for over 40 years, I have represented healthcare professionals before their respective board with fluency and effective results.


Specializing in interlocutory and final judgment appeal work in all areas including Probate. Representing clients in New Hampshire and Massachusetts on divorces, domestic violence, restraining orders, custody and related matters. 



Growing up in Boston and fighting for a better future, Anthony Rozzi never never forgets his roots when defending or representing his clients. His humble beginning from a financially insecure family made him aware that there is a lot of people out there who need help and there is a great deal of injustice and inequality. Anthony Rozzi advocates for his client as if they were all family with vested interests in their well-being. "He never forgets who he is, where comes from and that he wants to help".

  • Providing expert testimony in over 20 trials

  • Handling wide array of Criminal Defense over 20 years in District, Superior Covet and Federal Courts

  • Appeals attorney appearing before The Massachusetts Appeals Court over 25 times

  • Filing of hundreds of Bankruptcy Cases ​in Massachusetts and New Hampshire


Attorney Anthony Rozzi offers specialized representation and can help you whether it be criminal defense, impaired professional defense, probate and appeal or bankruptcy. He will always do everything in his power to help. He will include you in his strategy planning and will communicate with you, keeping you informed about your case.

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Appellate Work

Fearlessly approaching and applying appeals where injustice is present.

Trial Work

As a Trial Attorney, Anthony Rozzi is very familiar & fluent in the art of Jury selection, Jury presentation and courtroom Trial Process.


Attorney Anthony Rozzi helped me deal with a difficult family court case appeals issue. I was lucky to be referred to him by my family court lawyer Tony's team associate, and my friend that had a very tough case which I sat through his trial.

I was able to see Tony in action in court and was so impressed how he turned things around quickly and got my friend out of a major bind with court.  I just had to hire him for part of my difficult case I was dealing with.

I am very impressed with his style and demeanor and tactics in court showed me that he is an honest genuine person and takes each case personally and treated me like family. Attorney Rozzi helped me bigtime and was able to get me out of a very bad situation and come to a quick resolution.

Tony is very thorough and knowledgeable and responsive to any issues that pop up and can change tactic or plan on short notice. He would also call me to check in on me to make sure I’m ok and answer all my questions. I highly recommend Attorney Rozzi and his team they are top notch at what they do to help deal with difficult situations in the court system!!  

Dana Y



  • Initial consultations are free

  • Can meet in person or via Zoom, Teams or even over FaceTime

  • Is a member of the Massachusetts and New Hampshire BAR

  • Is a member of the Federal District BARS in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

  • Takes Credit Card, Venmo, PayPal and is willing to setup individual payment plans

  • Is an active pharmacist in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

  • Holds a Master's degree in Pharmacotherapeutics

  • Can and will meet with you on weekends

  • Utilizes a client portal so you have access to your material at all times 


Anthony V. Rozzi
8 Jackson Court
Lawrence, MA 01840
Phone: 978-533-1449
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Venmo: @rozzilaw

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