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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Northern NJ

Throughout my tenure as a workers compensation attorney, I have represented clients in Hasbrouck Heights, Mt. Arlington, West New York, Hackensack, and Jersey City as well as other cities in the North Jersey area. No matter the case, I represent you, the injured worker, with your claim for benefits. You may be entitled to temporary disability, medical treatment, permanent disability benefits and the right to keep your case open for a period of time. The rights you have are extremely important. I will represent you in Workers Compensation Court. I will assist you in navigating through the system. I promise to work hard to protect your rights and achieve maximum results for you.


Workplace accidents happen all the time. You may be injured at the factory, on the construction site, in a car or truck making a delivery, or in the store where you work. Office workers get injured on the job. If you have been hurt or injured while working, you should contact me.

The injury you received on the job deserves your attention. Good medical care is most important. Your employer, or its workers comp insurance company, directs your medical treatment in New Jersey. That is the law. The insurance company has a host of claims people, nurses and lawyers handling the case. You deserve a workers compensation law attorney on your side to make certain you get the benefits you are entitled to!


The attorney you hire must know the law. The attorney must also be familiar with the injury and the medical aspects of your case. There is a great deal to know about neck and back injuries, fractures, lung and breathing problems, knee and ankle cases, and injuries resulting in death. I know these issues well. I am certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Workers Compensation Law Attorney.


Contact me for a FREE consultation to explain your rights to you in detail. You pay nothing to start your case. Fees are paid from your settlement at the conclusion of the case.


If you are interested in Northern New Jersey Workers Compensation Services, schedule an appointment with me today!

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